Andrew Orluk is the name. Visual and Digital art is my game. Currently residing in Massachusetts.

Where my themes focus in work is a combination of nostalgia, the juxtaposition of light and dark narratives are also of interest and in concerns with the absurd. My work encompasses a combination of human form, landscapes, and several other aspects and messages told from the visual language.

The questions I mainly concern myself whether I am making an animation, illustration or even in my writing deal with the emotional responses. How will someone feel looking at this? What reaction will someone give and what idea or memory will be provoked in their mind? Will it be pleasant? Will it be unnerving? And above all else, what is the overarching experience someone will get from it?

That is what I concern myself when I do something original. On the other hand there are times where I also find myself making fan art or doing commissions. At that point I’m more concerned about what I can do to improve any technical skills or how I approach creating work which I feel is just as important as the approach to how I make my original content.

Either way, as long as the work I create deals with anything pertaining to figure, environment, imagination and world building, then it does so in advancing my own vision and creativity. That is something that is embedded in my values as not just an artist, but as a human.