Working times

I suppose since I’ve been making some changes to the site I think it’s fair to say that I have been organizing some things and adding new content that I’ve been meaning to add for some time now.

One of the more obvious changes that I have made stem from re-categorizing some of my work and changing the titles for some of my pages. Other ones have been completely committed because I found them unnecessary. Additionally, the about page has been updated with an artist statement that I would hope is a bit more clear in my mission as an artist.

It has been tough for me in the past couple of months to stay consistent with the updates. Between working full time at a new job and doing the best I can to continue making work much of it has been posted on Newgrounds, and I’m currently not making things like Instagram a main focus on where I post my art because if I’m being realistic it’s been getting harder to get myself noticed because of how the administration of that app has made the algorithm in such a way where I have to post consistently. Putting aside some other issues I have with the app in particular I just felt it was better for the sake of my mental health.

There have been some things that I have been up to for the past few months. Recently, I added in a new demo reel for the sake of my portfolio. That I hope to keep up to date with some other work that I’ve been meaning to add to it.

You probably will have noticed that I have some commission work in this reel, which leads me to point out that I have been doing some commission stuff! While the biggest one is in this reel, I’ve been adding some of the other commission work on the appropriate pages!

So there you have it, in any case until next time,



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