It’s been some time

Life got busy on my end and I realize that I haven’t updated my site in awhile.

So here’s what’s been going on.

VERY RECENTLY THIS PAST YEAR, I had gone through a lot of major life changes. Not too long ago back in late October and through the onset of the remainder of the year, my parents had decided to sell their old home. At that point, I made the decision to live independently as opposed to being some person who was living with their parents by the age of 30.

That… led to a very bizarre adventure. Not only did I have to navigate between finding an apartment and a new job to support my lifestyle, but I also had been jumping from place to place in Massachusetts for the time being. THIS WAS NOT AN EASY ORDEAL BY ANY MEANS. Given my struggle with mental health, it was not easy to adapt. However, after living in a motel for a few weeks I was able to find a job out toward the Greater Boston area, but after being in a hotel for the month of December I was able to find an apartment and settle into Salem, Massachusetts.

I am grateful that my parents supported me during the transition to help me kick start my life. To think that by the time I am two years sober I would take on a new challenge in life and get into the real world and not just some part time job to get by is an accomplishment. Perhaps not the largest one, but it’s a small victory toward something that will be sweeter and better.

Between the life transition, and a couple of commissions and projects that I’ve managed to come across things have been insanely busy. It’s been a struggle to get by sometimes, but in the end I was able to manage. That’s why there has been a lack of updates on the site specifically and now that I’ve settled, I’m hoping to get back to updating this site every now and then.

However, that leads me to an update that I’d like to give. I have updated the about page to clarify my philosophy a bit better than what I had initially written. Hopefully, it will be a bit more professional on that end and further down the line I may update it to ensure that the quality of this site keeps getting better.

Additionally, I also uploaded a new piece to the NSFW section of my gallery. All that text at the start of the page? That’s been axed. I just don’t think a huge song and dance is necessary when my philosophy explains it sweet and concise in the two paragraphs that I have made it in.

That’s about it. Eventually I do plan to do more heavy aesthetic updating to the site as soon as things become less busy, however there is no longer a consistent frame of time. Please bear with me during this time as I am kind of clogged up on my end with projects and other life things, and I’d rather try to not force myself to do this like a machine and go at a more reasonable pace so I don’t burn myself out. Which I think should be a more important thing to care and invest in yourself as a person just as much as the profession you choose.

Until next time.


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