Recent Happenings, Newgrounds, and Life Matters

Hey Everyone, been a few weeks.

So putting aside some quiet updates I’ve been working on more digital illustrations than I have been pixel art recently as a change of pace. Mainly because I’ve been itching to get back into doing that lately and revisiting the style I’ve been working with back in 2018. And the funny thing is I actually experimented a little bit with a few other techniques concerning abstraction with another illustration. Actually it’s more of a remake of an older sketch I did in my college days.

Give ore take, I can’t confirm or deny what exactly inspired me to make this piece in particular if a few questions come up concerning the visuals, but I’m sure that no matter your conclusion you’ll appreciate the work put into this.

As far as other things are concerned, I actually took up a commission to make artwork recently. While I don’t wish to reveal certain details regarding it yet until all the pieces I’m making are completed, I’m hoping that I can post them on here once I work out the deets to when I can. You’ll just have to be patient until the time comes for me to post them.

And other matters? Well, I can tell you that most of my activity these days are going to be on and most of my energy is going to be put between building my presence there and continue to focus on putting my focus on Instagram. Every now and then I will be putting my work on Art Station as well, but that’s as far as where I’m going to be active on the internet. There have been other places that I migrated away from due to either growing out of them or just having some problems with said sites in particular, but I’d rather be focusing on the future for what I am doing instead of fixating on where I’ve been in the past.

That’s about it on what I’ve been up to. In any case I hope you all are doing well and staying safe. You’ll be seeing some minor changes happen with the site over the next couple of weeks and most likely I’m going to be changing some of the pages on here and updating the site over time to better reflect the art style I’m working with now, so the next update I do expect a bit of an overhaul to the site.

Peace, Love, Nameste? or not. Whatever floats your boat dog. See you next time space cowboy.


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