A Post-Mermay Update: Seductive Abyss and a Group Collab

This is perhaps the first time that I’ve been using this preview thumbnail for my site, but given the nature of what I worked on having bare breasts and knowing that some people might not be too fond of that I opted to do so rather than post the whole image.

HOWEVER, I think for the sake of my blog I do actually want to talk about this piece a bit because to tell you the truth since there is what I feel is artistic integrity in the piece and I learned quite a bit from my process, I’ll write about it here. Some of this is copied and pasted from Pixel Joint where I originally posted this piece but I’m making a few edits and actually going into a little more detail than what I normally do.

You can view the full artwork and the WIP GIF in the NSFW section of my digital art portfolio, all you have to do is scroll all the way down, read the disclaimer, then click the link to access the page.

To be honest, I wasn’t intending to go all out as I did with where this piece is now. Originally it was just the mermaid and keeping it as a one shot character piece as opposed to doing this as a fully illustrated piece but after some feedback here and there mainly from several members on the pixel joint discord group, but also from newgrounds, and even from a few friends; I ended up ironing this out to what it is now as a fully illustrated piece.

To give an estimate of how long this actually took, I recorded at least up to 41 hours and 30 minutes when I looked over the documentation that I have written down.

There were a lot of lessons that were learned ranging from how I can use my colors to bring out the most of a piece and what is going to help the composition of an illustration the most. This is something that I wouldn’t have been able to in the past when I was going to college but applying just about everything I know I would say that I’ve definitely matured my craft to the finer details of this piece.

So in any case I want to give a huge shout out to everyone who has given me feedback on this piece. It actually helped me a lot to see how I can use colors more effectively and be able to iron this out to a piece that I can be proud of.

ALSO Speaking of Pixel Joint I recently took part in one of their group collabs to mark the one year anniversary of their discord server being set up!


I’m actually the little guy in all black wearing the hat on the far most left side, the outfit kind of has a steampunk vibe to it but then again I guess that’s what a lot of people seem to associate me with these days.

In any case, I’m glad that I am a part of their community! I actually feel that’s one of the places where I can grow as an artist and moving forward I hope to share more of my work there over time!


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