Mermay 2021, the HUGE update to my site’s home layout, and some happenings.

Hello everyone!

As you might have already noticed, I changed the home layout of the site as promised for the sake of easier navigation around the website. Which means that rather than seeing every blog post that I have made in the past couple of months, you’ll now see links on the home page to each individual page of my portfolio website. Which is really what the main focus of my site is supposed to be about.

Over time I intend to spruce this up as I move forward into adjusting the site’s appearance for the sake of everyone’s convenience, but until then I hope that you are able to appreciate the appearance of the site as I feel that it will make for a far nicer update concerning how everyone will navigate around here.

Now with the big thing out of the way, I ended up taking on the Mermay Challenge this year. While she’s not totally finished, I felt that my mermaid was at a point where I could post her and feel comfortable having it as is for display for now.

Which reminds me. I have one particular side project for some of the pieces I have made so far, which will be to touch up any previous works that I have already done and improve upon them for the sake of my portfolio thus far.

As of right now, I have four pieces planned for revision. While I do intend to go over these in my spare time since I feel that they have the potential to be extremely strong pieces, I also am apt to focus on other projects moving forward at this point in time. More may be added if I feel there is a reason for me to go back into the next ones I work on.

Other than that, that’s all I really have to go over. In any case, go forth into the world and I hope that you will enjoy the changes to the site I’ve made!


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