Netalia, Recent On-goings, and a Site Update

Hello everyone! It’s been sometime since I’ve made a proper post about what’s been going on so I think it’s about time I kind of fill you all in on recent happenings!

So recently, I have been working with Adam Max Goren (Aka Anaxis) on Netalia and worked mainly on the Art and Animation for that game. Since the game has been released for PC and Mac on I’ve posted some of the assets onto my Instagram and over time, you’re going to see some of the work that I have made for that game be posted on here as well as some of the other places I frequent. Additionally I have recently made an account with that site so while I won’t be posting my work on there, you will see a library of some of the indie games that I have worked on and place them in the Commissions page which, may end up having change in name for that section.

With that being said feel free to download the game for your platform over at

As for some other things, RECENTLY you may have noticed a layout change in the website. I have condensed the Pixel Art and Digital Illustration page into one section as “Digital Art” for the sake of convenience since I feel that categorizing between the two maybe unnecessary at this point.

Additionally, for professionalism’s sake I have decided to add a Not Safe For Work section for content that I feel is intended more for adult viewers since in the past I have made artwork that, while has it’s merits may be better if they are added into their own section. Rather than link that into the navigation bar, you will find that at the end of the Digital Art page there will be a disclaimer in red text with a warning and a link that will take you to that page. While that may change over time where I may include that in the navigation, this will have to be as is for now.

With that in mind, depending on what the legal age is of your country of if you might be offended by content depicting violence or otherwise sensitive content that may not be the best place to go in depending on the situation you are in.

Over time, you will see some significant changes to the main page as I will be working on the site for easier navigation between pages. As I have been learning how to use WordPress more effectively for this portfolio site, I hope to see the site evolve as time goes on into being able to work for you more conveniently.

Thank you for your support as you are viewing my website and my content. You are all great and as time goes on I will begin to be able to expand on the work that I have been doing and make it more accessible for both prospective clients and fans of my work.


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