Lennon: An Original Character Model Sheet

Alright so this is actually a character that I’ve had been working on for a little while now, but never exactly gave him the light of day until now.

I was hoping to make him as a character for an original storyline of my own, however as time went on I wasn’t entirely sure of how to go about telling a story for him. And yet, if I’m being honest with myself I don’t think that scrapping him would be the right thing to do so I’ve opted to go through with finishing up a model sheet for him at the very least and use it as a portfolio piece and see where I can go from here with the character on my own time. Maybe come up with a few animations or short comics to see what I can pull off with him.

Until then, I think having this as a portfolio piece for now would be a good idea. To hold him back I feel like would kind of be an injustice on my part mainly because I’d like to be able to do show what I can do in the meantime.


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