Happy New Year! Here’s a slight update on things

I feel like it’s been more days than I thought it would be since I last posted anything I did here.

With that being said, you can be rest assured that I haven’t nessecarily stopped drawing, and I’ve been slowly, but surely reaching out to people to see if I can make art work for them. Especially when it comes to others, including some friends of mine that I’ve been reconnecting with that inspire my muses!

With that being said, it would be fair for me to say that, at this point I’m going to acknowledge that I am taking the road less traveled at this point to resolve some of my own issues. The reason while I say that is because while I’m glad 2020 has come to a close, it’s actually been a positive year in terms of taking the time to finally identify and work on some of the issues I have had over the years. Part of it deals with not having to resolve some medical disorders that I only came to terms with recently and the other deals with resolving some other personal issues that needed to be addressed over the years.

And while I feel that it might not be appropriate to talk about all my issues right now, I’ll probably bring them up when I finally feel comfortable enough talking about.

Doesn’t mean that I’m doomed to be without a career forever, actually, it’s quite the opposite. It just means that I’m taking a road less traveled before I get to that point. So in a way, 2020 was actually a blessing for me to actually focus on my growth from here on out and be able to focus on being able to better myself as a person.

Which could be beneficial to the work force once I break into that. I’m optimistic for 2021 and as I continue to resolve any issues, I’m going to keep up with my portfolio.

Speaking of which, you may have also noticed some changes I’ve been making to this site if you have been browsing as of late where some artwork may have been removed and other things have been changing.

In an effort to make my portfolio more appealing to any potential work clients, I have decided that it would be best to make some changes and take down some artwork from the main page and re-organize how my website is laid out. These changes will continue to occur over time.

Doesn’t nessecarily mean that I won’t be re-hosting some of the work on here again at any point in the future mind you or taking them down from my Instagram, just for now I feel it wouldn’t be appropriate to host it on here.

In any case, relax! Stay tuned as Drew really gets the ball rolling on this year.


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