Mike’s Hangout Character Designs

So here’s an update with some new content but it’s not exactly anything too new or glamorous, In fact, it’s actually some content that I’ve been meaning to post or content I’ve been on the fence about posting here but ultimately decided to when I realized that it might actually be good for a portfolio.

So first and foremost, I’ve added more character designs into my character design as promised from one of my previous updates! This time they all come from my animation short “Mike’s Hangout”, which is a short about how one of my friends that I met from Landmark College found a hiding space with his friends in the gym of his private high school, abridged.

The video has already been uploaded into my videos section of the site so if you’re looking for it by all means check it out here: https://andreworlukartanimations.com/videos/

In any case, I hope that you are all staying safe during these times!


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