New page for character designs.

Hello all, it’s been a little while since I updated the site. Rest assured, I haven’t forgotten about this site since it’s been on the back of my mind to update this page for some time now.

Anyhow, the above picture is actually an original character design I had made for a co-worker of mine who commissioned me to do some concept work for him for his own comic. I figured that it would help give me enough content to finally post a character design page at this point since I’ve been meaning to do that for some time now. You can view the link to the page here:

In any case, it’s actually going to be a slight project of mine to build on this page over time. I’m going to be looking into some of my older projects and trying to find some old character model sheets and other concept work to post on here in addition to some new concepts that I’ve been coming up with for the past year now.

In any case, I’ve been hoping all the best for you guys and I know that we’ll be able to get through this year!

– Andrew


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