Six Fan Art Challenge


Saw this floating around on the internet and I decided to give it a whirl based on some suggestions I got via Instagram and personal friendships.

It was fun. However after doing some reflection on some of the things I want to do and in between figuring out how I want to move forward I’ve came to a decision to take a break from my own social media presence and really focus in on doing some more original work. In addition, as mentioned in one of my previous updates I think now would be a good time to figure out how I want to move forward with my art career and while live-streaming would be a good way to do that I’m going to reconsider my approach to how I do it. It might mean that I end up making a youtube channel instead of relying solely on facebook because I realize that I’d be limiting my audience by sticking solely to that!

As always, I’ll be keeping you guys up to date on what’s going on through my website. In the mean time stay safe and keep on trucking in these times!


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