Jotaro Kujo (And an update on the site)


Hello all, I hope you enjoy the fan art I made of Jotaro.

If you’ve been following my website as you may know I’ve shifted some gears and started working on some new digital illustrations. Prior to that I’ve also been working on showcasing what is both current and some of my best work on a technical level. So that’s why things have been shifting around as of the past few months.

With that said I would like to mention a few things while I’m updating this.

1 ) I have now added a section for Digital Illustrations work that I make.

2 ) You may have already noticed some of the changes happening with the site it self, but if you are just viewing this now one of my goals for the next few weeks is to rebrand. So while the layout is temporary expect it to change in the near future.

3) Finally, I’m at a point with my skill-set where I feel comfortable doing commissions on the side. As with the site update you can expect me to set that up as well soon.

With that said whether or not you’re browsing this site for the first time or have been coming here every now and then, you can expect some more changes throughout the remainder of the year. Having graduated a few months ago and now having the time to do my own thing instead of worrying about a million projects, I’ll have the time to focus on my thing.




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